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Sukkot Fabric - 3 Prayers, Royal Curtains & Lulav Dance - 5x3ft

SKU: WallArt-3x5feet-003-A

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Discover the essence of Sukkot with our exquisite 5x3 feet fabric, featuring three pivotal Sukkot prayers: the prayer before entering the Sukkah, the prayer when leaving the Sukkah, and the Seder Netilat Lulav. Embellished with royal curtain designs and lively graphics of Chassidic people dancing with lulavs, this fabric is a perfect blend of tradition and celebration.

Key Features:

  • Three Sukkot Prayers: Beautifully displaying the prayers for entering and leaving the Sukkah and the Netilat Lulav, this fabric is a spiritual guide for the festival.
  • Elegant Royal Curtain Design: The top is adorned with sophisticated royal curtains, enhancing the festive ambiance.
  • Lively Chassidic Dance Graphics: The bottom features graphics of Chassidic people joyfully dancing with lulavs, capturing the essence of Sukkot celebration.
  • Ideal Size for Sukkah Decor: Measuring 5x3 feet, the fabric is perfectly sized for decorating Sukkah tents.
  • Durable and Vibrant: Made with waterproof and UV-proof materials, ensuring longevity and vividness in color and design.

Shipping and Customer Service:

  • Available with free shipping in most of the USA; specific rates can be checked via our shipping calculator.
  • Reach out to our support team at for any assistance.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Committed to your happiness, we offer a swift resolution for any issues.

Enhance your Sukkot experience with our beautifully crafted fabric, combining sacred prayers and festive imagery to bring the spirit of Sukkot into your home.

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