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Shabbat in Jerusalem - Yossi Bitton's Jewish Art Print on Acrylic

SKU: BA-15-01


Yossi Bitton's "Shabbat in Jerusalem" art print beautifully encapsulates the serene and spiritual ambiance of Shabbat in Jerusalem. This artwork reflects the peacefulness and sanctity of the Jewish holy day in the context of one of the most significant cities in Jewish history. The piece is perfect for those seeking Jewish art prints that resonate with the soulful experience of Shabbat, making it an excellent addition to Jewish wall decor or as a thoughtful Jewish gift.

Key Features:

  • Depiction of Shabbat in Jerusalem: Artistically captures the tranquility and spirituality of Shabbat in the Holy City.
  • Vibrant and Soulful Artistry: The use of color and composition conveys the unique atmosphere of Shabbat.
  • High-Quality Acrylic Print: Ensures durability and a premium finish, printed on 4mm thick acrylic.
  • Ready to Hang: This print arrives with pre-installed hanging hardware for easy display.
  • UV Resistant: The colors are protected against fading, maintaining their vibrancy over time.

Ideal For:

  • Enhancing homes, synagogues, or community centers with meaningful Jewish art.
  • A special gift for loved ones to celebrate or commemorate the spirit of Shabbat.

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"Shabbat in Jerusalem" by Yossi Bitton is not just a piece of art; it's a celebration of Jewish tradition and the essence of Shabbat in one of the most revered cities. This artwork is a perfect choice for anyone looking to enrich their space with the beauty and spirituality of Jewish culture.

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