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Seder Netilat Lulav and Sukkot Symbols - Ritual Poster for Sukkot

SKU: BEN-ART-83-01


Celebrate the rich traditions of Sukkot with our Seder Netilat Lulav Prayer Poster. This beautifully designed artwork features the text of the Netilat Lulav prayer alongside graphic elements representing Sukkot and the four species, making it a perfect educational and decorative addition to your Sukkah.

Printing types:
  • Vinyl Poster is printed on a special, water-resistant type of PVC.
  • The Laminated Poster is printed on paper and then wrapped in a water-resistant lamination film.
  • RC Pearl Photo Posters is printed on a high-quality Photo paper, and it’s not water-resistant.


  • Vinyl poster – Comes in two sizes: 20 X 28 inches OR 24 X 36 inches. The Vinyl posters Arrives in a thick cardboard tube for yearly storage.
  • Laminated poster – Available in one size: 18 inches by 24 inches.
  • RC Pearl Paper Poster – Comes in two sizes: 20 X 28 inches OR 24 X 36 inches. 


  • Prayer and Symbolic Imagery: Includes the Seder Netilat Lulav prayer text and artistically rendered graphics of the Sukkah and the four species (etrog, lulav, hadas, and aravah), symbolizing the core elements of Sukkot.
  • Enhances Sukkah Theme: Ideal for adding both a visual and spiritual dimension to your Sukkah decor, this poster resonates with the essence of the Sukkot festival.
  • High-Quality Artistic Presentation: Crafted to ensure vibrant colors and clarity, suitable for engaging and meaningful display during Sukkot.
  • Educational and Inspirational: Serves as a visual guide for the Lulav shaking ritual, deepening the understanding of Sukkot traditions and practices.

Bring the rituals of Sukkot to life in your Sukkah with our Seder Netilat Lulav Poster, a harmonious blend of prayer, tradition, and artistic expression.


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