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Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky: A Legacy of Faith - Timeless Sukkot Inspiration

SKU: BEN-ART-09-01


Celebrate the enduring legacy of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky with our "A Legacy of Faith" poster. This artwork captures a different facet of the Rabbi's life, showcasing his profound impact on faith and the Jewish community, making it an inspiring addition to your Sukkot celebrations.

Printing types:

  • Vinyl Poster is printed on a special, water-resistant type of PVC.
  • The Laminated Poster is printed on paper and then wrapped in a water-resistant lamination film.
  • RC Pearl Photo Posters is printed on a high-quality photo paper, and it’s not water-resistant.


  • Vinyl poster – Comes in two sizes: 20 X 28 inches OR 24 X 36 inches. The Vinyl posters Arrives in a thick cardboard tube for yearly storage.
  • Laminated poster – Available in one size: 18 inches by 24 inches.
  • RC Pearl Paper Poster – Comes in two sizes: 20 X 28 inches OR 24 X 36 inches.


  • Unique Perspective: Highlights Rabbi Kanievsky's influence beyond Torah study, focusing on his role in nurturing faith and community values.
  • Spiritual Enrichment for Sukkot: Adds a dimension of deep faith and communal inspiration to your Sukkah, in line with the spirit of Sukkot.
  • High-Quality Artistic Representation: Ensures that the poster is not only visually striking but also a meaningful portrayal of Rabbi Kanievsky's legacy.
  • Educational and Inspirational: The poster serves as a reminder of the Rabbi’s teachings and his embodiment of faith and tradition, ideal for reflection during Sukkot.

Incorporate the spirit of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky's enduring faith into your Sukkot observance with our poster, a tribute to his timeless influence on Jewish life.

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