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Portraits of Wisdom - Three Great Rabbis Sukkot Poster

SKU: BEN-ART-44-01


Honor the legacy of Jewish scholarship with our poster featuring portraits of three great rabbis. This piece of sukkah art showcases the revered figures, making it a profound addition to your Sukkot decorations and a tribute to rabbinical wisdom.

Printing types:

  • Vinyl Poster is printed on a special, water-resistant type of PVC.
  • The Laminated Poster is printed on paper And then wrapped in a water-resistant lamination film.
  • RC Pearl Photo Posters is printed on a high-quality photo paper, and it’s not water-resistant.


  • Vinyl poster – Comes in two sizes: 20 X 28 inches OR 24 X 36 inches. The Vinyl posters Arrives in a thick cardboard tube for yearly storage.
  • Laminated poster – Available in one size: 18 inches by 24 inches.
  • RC Pearl Paper Poster – Comes in two sizes: 20 X 28 inches OR 24 X 36 inches.


  • Triptych of Rabbi Portraits: Includes artistic portrayals of three renowned rabbis, each captured with respect and reverence, highlighting their unique contributions to Jewish life and thought.
  • Enhances Sukkah Theme: Adds a touch of spiritual depth and historical significance to your sukkah design, serving as an inspirational decor for sukkah tent.
  • High-Quality Artistic Presentation: Ensures that the portraits' details and colors are vividly presented, suitable for creating an atmosphere of learning and respect in your Sukkah.
  • Symbol of Rabbinic Heritage: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this poster serves as a reminder of the enduring impact and teachings of these great rabbis, enriching the Sukkot experience.

Deepen your connection to rabbinic tradition this Sukkot with our Three Great Rabbis Portrait Poster, a perfect blend of rabbinical heritage and artistic sukkah art.

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