Ben-Ari Art Gallery

Name by Pasuk - Inspirational Jewish Art


Introduce a serene and holy atmosphere into your home with 'Name by Pasuk, Divine Script.' This spiritually enriching piece of art draws from the rich traditions of Judaism to offer a modern take on Biblical verses, personalized to include the initials of your or a loved one’s name.


  • Spiritual and Personal Connection: Features a Biblical verse that begins and ends with the specific letters of the chosen name, fostering a unique spiritual bond.
  • High-Quality Printing Materials: Available in options such as stretched canvas, elegant acrylic glass, and acrylic with a floater frame, each designed to enhance the sacredness of the artwork.
  • Ideal for Sacred Spaces: Perfectly sized at 12x12 inches for placement in nurseries, bedrooms, or any space where reflection and inspiration are cherished.
  • Artistic and Educational Value: Crafted by esteemed Jewish artists, this piece serves as both a decorative and educational tool, teaching the values and history embedded in Jewish tradition.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Designed to harmonize with any room decor, adding a touch of elegance and tranquility.

'Name by Pasuk: Divine Script' is not just a piece of art, it’s a gateway to deeper understanding and connection with Jewish faith. Ideal for gifting during special occasions like births or bar mitzvahs, or as an addition to your home, this artwork enriches your environment with culture, spirituality, and beauty.

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