Ben-Ari Art Gallery

Name by Pasuk - Harmonic Grace - Soothing Jewish Art for Gentle Spaces


Create a tranquil sanctuary in your child's room with 'Name by Pasuk: Harmonic Grace.' This piece of Jewish wall art is infused with calming hues and thoughtful designs, aimed at fostering a sense of harmony and spiritual peace.


  • Calming Color Palette: Features soothing hues that contribute to a peaceful environment, ideal for children's rooms.
  • Personalized Biblical Verse: Customizes with a verse that starts and ends with the child’s initials, adding a unique spiritual dimension to the artwork.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made with child-safe materials and available in stretched canvas, sleek acrylic glass, and acrylic with a floater frame.
  • Ideal Size for Nurseries and Play Areas: The 12x12 inch artwork is perfectly proportioned for nursery walls, contributing to a balanced and visually appealing space.
  • Culturally Enriching: Connects young minds to their Jewish roots in a subtle and peaceful way, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of their heritage.

'Harmonic Grace' from 'Name by Pasuk' offers more than decoration—it's a means to infuse your child’s everyday environment with calmness and cultural depth. Ideal for newborn gifts or as a thoughtful addition to a young child’s room, this artwork stands as a beautiful reminder of peace and spiritual connectivity. Transform your space with this serene piece that speaks volumes about faith and tradition.

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