Ben-Ari Art Gallery

Morning Devotions, Contemporary Jewish Wall Art of Shacharit at the Western Wall by Avigdor Ben-Ari

$285 $350

"Morning Devotions" vividly captures the early morning prayers (Shacharit) at the Western Wall. This striking piece by Avigdor Ben-Ari blends traditional Jewish themes with modern artistic expression, depicting worshippers wrapped in Talit against the sacred backdrop of Jerusalem. It’s an exemplar of contemporary Jewish wall art that brings both spiritual and aesthetic richness to any space.


  • Dynamic Visuals: The artwork’s vibrant colors and abstract portrayal heighten the emotional and spiritual intensity of the scene.
  • Premium Materials: Available on high-quality canvas or sleek acrylic, each medium enhances the artwork's visual impact.
  • Cultural Resonance: A powerful depiction of Judaica art that reflects the depth of Jewish culture and the contemporary art scene.
  • Artistic Integrity: Authentically signed by Avigdor Ben-Ari, adding to its value as a collectible piece.
  • Size Options: Designed to accommodate various spaces with sizes including 18x14", 25x19", 32x24", 38x29", 43x33", 48x37", 52x40", and 56x43".

 "Morning Devotions: Shacharit at the Western Wall" is more than just a painting; it is a portal to the spiritual core of Jewish tradition. Embrace this unique opportunity to own a piece of contemporary Jewish art that inspires reflection and reverence every day. Perfect for personal meditation spaces or as a striking focal point in communal areas, this artwork connects the past with the present in a deeply moving display. Bring home this masterpiece today and let the spirit of Jerusalem elevate your environment.

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