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Entrance Prayer for Sukkot - Sukkah Blessing Poster

SKU: 1243


Welcome the festival of Sukkot with our poster featuring the traditional prayer for entering the Sukkah. This piece is a vital addition to sukkah decorations, combining spiritual significance with artistic sukkah art, perfect for setting the tone of your Sukkot observance.

Printing types:

  • Vinyl Poster is printed on a special, water-resistant type of PVC.
  • The Laminated Poster is printed on paper And then wrapped in a water-resistant lamination film.
  • RC Pearl Photo Posters is printed on a high-quality photo paper, and it’s not water-resistant.


  • Vinyl poster – Comes in one size: 24 X 24 inches. The Vinyl posters Arrives in a thick cardboard tube for yearly storage.
  • RC Pearl Paper Poster – Comes in one size: 24 X 24 inches.


  • Prayer Text and Design: Presents the Hebrew text of the prayer recited upon entering the Sukkah, artistically rendered to blend seamlessly with your sukkah design.
  • Ideal for Sukkah Atmosphere: Enhances the spiritual ambiance of your sukkah tent, serving as a meaningful sukkah sign and reminder of Sukkot's traditions.
  • High-Quality Sukkah Poster: Ensures clarity and longevity of the text and design, adding both beauty and educational value to your Sukkot experience.
  • Symbol of Tradition and Ritual: Beyond its decorative value, the poster deepens the connection to Sukkot's rituals and traditions, perfect as a focal point among your sukkah decorations.

Usher in the joy of Sukkot with our Entrance Prayer Poster, an essential element of traditional posters for Sukkot, enriching your festive decor.

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