Ben-Ari Art Gallery

Colorful Essence, Modern Jewish Wall Art of the Western Wall by Avigdor Ben-Ari

$285 $350

"Colorful Essence" vividly captures the spiritual and historical essence of Jerusalem's Western Wall through a modern abstract lens. Created by Avigdor Ben-Ari, this piece is a celebration of Jewish culture and contemporary art, offering a vibrant interpretation that resonates with both traditional and modern aesthetics.


  • Vivid Abstract Style: The artwork features a colorful abstract rendition of the Western Wall, using a palette that reflects the energy and spirituality of this sacred site.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted on premium canvas, ensuring that each stroke and color blend is preserved with the highest fidelity.
  • Diverse Size Availability: Perfect for any setting, available in sizes 18x13", 25x18", 32x23", 38x27", 43x30", 48x34", 52x37", and 56x40".
  • Cultural and Spiritual Depth: Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts of Judaica art and modern Jewish art, adding a meaningful and stylish element to Jewish home decor.
  • Artistic Signature: Authenticated with Avigdor Ben-Ari's signature, enhancing its value as a collectible.

Enhance your collection of contemporary art with "Colorful Essence," a masterpiece that blends the dynamism of modern Jewish art with the deep-rooted traditions of Jerusalem. This abstract painting is not just a decorative piece but a vibrant celebration of Jewish heritage, perfect for any admirer of Jewish wall art and contemporary Judaica.

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