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Avigdor Ben-Ari - Dramatic Exodus Art – Modern Jewish Wall Art

$285 $350

Dramatic Opening of the Sea" by Avigdor Ben-Ari is a mesmerizing piece that captures the pivotal biblical event with unparalleled depth and emotion. This artwork merges the realms of Jewish wall art, contemporary art, and modern Jewish art, offering a vivid interpretation of the Exodus story. Avigdor Ben-Ari, celebrated for his abstract and dramatic renditions of Jewish themes, brings this momentous occasion to life through his sophisticated and modern artistic style.


  • Dramatic Visuals: The artwork vividly portrays the miraculous event with rich colors and dynamic compositions, embodying the drama and emotion of the Exodus.
  • High-Quality Materials: Choose between luxurious high-grade canvas and sleek, modern acrylic glass, ensuring durability and visual clarity.
  • Versatile Sizing: Available in an array of sizes to suit any space—18x12", 25x17", 32x21", 38x25", 43x29", 48x32", 52x35", and 56x37".
  • Artist's Signature: Authenticated with Avigdor Ben-Ari's personal signature, each piece is a collectible item that adds value to your art collection.
  • Inspirational Jewish Artwork: This painting is not only a magnificent piece of Judaica art but also serves as a source of inspiration and reflection on Jewish heritage and faith.

Return Policy
We offer replacements for artworks damaged during shipping, acknowledging the unique value of each made-to-order piece. Please contact us within 30 days of delivery to arrange for a replacement of any damaged items.

Experience the power and drama of the "Dramatic Opening of the Sea" in your own space. Avigdor Ben-Ari's interpretation invites viewers to connect with a key moment in Jewish history through a contemporary lens, making it an essential addition to any collection of modern Jewish art or Judaica. This artwork not only enhances your home decor but also serves as a meaningful conversation piece that celebrates Jewish culture and identity.

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