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5x3ft Sukkot Fabric - Ushpizin & Netilat Lulav Design

SKU: WallArt-3x5feet-004-A

$99 $150

Introducing our compact Sukkot prayer fabric, a smaller 5x3 feet version of our beloved design. It features the sacred Seder Netilat Lulav prayer, Seder Ushpizin, and the prayer for entering the Sukkah, all beautifully integrated into a tapestry that's perfect for smaller spaces.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Fit for Any Sukkah: Ideal for those with limited space, this fabric brings the same spiritual depth in a more compact form.
  • Sacred Texts: The Seder Netilat Lulav and Seder Ushpizin prayers are artfully displayed alongside the prayer for entering the Sukkah.
  • Durably Made: Crafted in the USA with waterproof and UV-proof materials, ensuring it lasts for many Sukkot celebrations to come.
  • Easy Installation: This smaller fabric includes metal grommets for easy and secure hanging.
  • Vivid Details: Despite its size, there's no compromise on quality with clear, high-definition printing.

Shipping and Customer Service:

  • Free shipping across most of the USA. Please use our shipping calculator for specific rates.
  • Questions? Our team is here to help at
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We ensure a quick resolution with our efficient replacement policy for any concerns.

Our compact Sukkot prayer fabric allows you to celebrate the festival with a full heart, even in a cozy space. It's an invitation to honor tradition with grace and style.

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