Artist's way

What is like to be an artist? Many designers, actors, singers and writers are being told from their early childhood that they shouldn't be what they are, artists. Their environment doesn't realize that being an artist or a designer is not just a profession, but a deep need that can't be ignored. People love to listen to their favorite music, to watch Netflix shows and to visit beautiful art galleries and exhibitions, yet many of them may tell their own children to never develop such professions themselves. Double standards? Concern for the child? Praising stability over creativity? Where does it come from?

Let's explore this and try to understand more about artists.

Artists and designers- once upon a time

Many sorts of arts had started at ancient Greece and were praised and respected there. But when arts started to emerge in Europe, artists were less acceptable and barely respected. They were considered low class citizens and more often than not, couldn't receive the acknowledgment for their talents. That's why many of them such as Vincent Van Goh and Edgar Allan Poe became famous only after their death.

Even an artist like Rembrandt, that was the first one to receive society's respect and was given finally a proper place that an artist deserves, including an acknowledgment from the richest people of Netherlands, went bankrupt later in his life, being poor and lonely while he created some of his most famous works.

Can you imagine entering a museum without paintings by artists like Van Goh or Rembrandt?

Can you imagine literature without reading Edgar Allan Poe?

Although all the royal castles in Europe were obviously designed and created by artists, artists were rejected by society and after death they were buried in a land out of the cemetery.

Yes, read that again.

It gives the chills, isn't it?

Imagine if that would happen today to your favorite designer, musician or a painter…

Artists in the Jewish culture

Alongside the famous Jewish quote that says you are not allowed to make any sculpture or picture to not worship them, Jewish art, sometimes in disguise for that reason, continued to live. Why not create art and design in order to praise and worship our Lord?  It's more than achievable! Look at the magnificent history of art and design in our, Jewish culture.

The first and the second temples are described in writings as beautiful and prestigious places, decorated with gold and gemstones. The big Cohen used to wear a fabulously designed costume with breathtaking, colorful gemstones, Stones of the Breastplate. The palaces of our kings were also designed by artists like painters, designers and architects.

Some of the findings of Jewish art and design include information about different structures and materials that were used to build the temples, the ancient decorations that were in the first synagogues and the various architecture building strategies. Look at the Jewish Menorah, the lions that surround the Holy Ark and the holly vessels from the temples.

Artists and designers today

Artists and designers today are overall respected and acknowledged

Nevertheless, you can still hear some parents telling their children to do anything but art professionally, but it's time to accept the truth- The person doesn't choose to do art, art chooses the person. Simple but hard right?

A writer can't live without writing, an actor can't go long in his life without performing,

a painter has to paint and a designer must create new designs.

Same way we all must eat, drink water and sleep in order to be alive, an artist must do art.

It's been known now that a person can get sick because of a broken heart and that depression is a formal illness. It's time to add the fact that an artist can get sick or depressed if he doesn't live his purpose and doesn't follow his calling.

Ben-Ari Art Gallery is a house of art. Jewish art. They create various designs that are aligned with Jewish culture and are made to celebrate our roots and tradition!

We may not have a new temple to decorate yet, but we can decorate our house, synagogue or our Sukkah. because we understand now the importance of art and design in Jewish culture and worldwide. We now realize what an amazing impact artist can offer.

We are inviting you to our Wall Art Gallery. You will be exposed, among other things, to decades-old wall art. Apart from the prints, you can also purchase the original Paint by contacting our customer service.