How to choose art for your house?

Our house is not only a building where we live in order to not live on the street.

It is our safe space that is supposed to give us a feeling of love and protection.

It is a place that we want to feel comfortable to be there and to experience joy every time we come back there after our daily work and errands.

So yes we need a bed, a table and chairs and other furniture to make our home suitable for a living, and if everything will be decorated according to our taste, we will truly feel that our home is our private kingdom.

Your house is a kingdom

If you want to feel like a king (or a queen), if you want to come back gladly to your house after a long day and to feel refreshed there even after the most challenging days of your life, you should treat your house like a kingdom.

You may not be the king Solomon or the queen Sheba, but it doesn't mean you can't feel like them…

Home décor

Home décor field got bigger every year and many people tend to hire professional decorators and designers to create for them their dream house.

But it can be very rewarding and obviously cheaper to decorate your house by yourself.

When you are the one who chooses pieces of art, design and décor for your home, you will feel happy and accomplished once you'll sense how it affects you and your house.

There are many shops where you can find a large variety of home décor and art and Ben-Ari Art Gallery is here to offer you their art as well.

What is house art?

Home art can be anything from home décor accessories such as a pretty plant, a crystal vase or beautiful blue curtains for windows, to unique paintings, gorgeous sculptures, special posters and photos from your wedding hanging on a wall.

Also your furniture is definitely considered as house art and there many different designs for tables, closets, bedroom drawers and even toilet sits…

That poster of a great Rabbi you want to hang in your living room? Those beautiful silver candlesticks for your Shabbat candles? Or a flower printed table map for the kitchen? There are all examples of house art.

How to choose art right?

When it comes to choosing pieces of art there's no right or wrong, just like in the art itself.

Picasso often had abstract and messy paintings, Dali's favorite painting symbol was a fluid clock, Shakespeare wrote in his own styled English and Edgar Ellen Po was the father of horror stories.

The same applies when you choose a piece of art to decorate your house. You should choose what makes you feel happy.

Marie Kondo, a famous Japanese expert in home and office organization always says you should buy the thing that makes you experience joy, peace and positive feelings once you see or touch it. Alongside her organization methods that provided her with big popularity and many clients, she still says if you like it, take it. If you don't like it, if it makes you feel bad or in general low energy, toss it.

House art, a matter of taste

Today you don't even have to leave the house to buy art for your house.

You can find an exclusive painting and a cool wall art online.

Every home décor, design and art piece you can think of, you can probably google it.

Just scroll around different styles and designs, take a look at the variety of things you are interested in. If you want something particular, for example a paint of the Western wall or Happy Chassidish celebration wall art you feel connected to, just search for it by writing exactly what you are looking for on google.

Find what suits your taste and personal style.

Color the world with your own hues

 When you buy something to decorate your house with, you should think about colors and style. Do you want your living room to be more elegant or casual? What colors do you want there? Perhaps brown sofas, black table and off- white closet? Or should it be more colorful and include blue sofas, flower- printed table and pink curtains on the windows? Once you decide on your style and colors, more artistic pieces such as paintings and sculptures should be chosen in alignment with it.

Same goes about every other room in your house.

To sum it up…

The internet is full with art and design inspirations and there's a large variety of shops to provide you what you need. Just pick the right style for you and some nice set of colors that make your heart smile. Choose art pieces that reflect your personality and your values and in the same time your soul approves of them and they blend in naturally with everything else while adding a special touch that can't be ignored once you enter the room.