Foolproof Tricks to Decorating Your Home with Modern Art Pieces

A blank wall looks cold and uninviting no matter what color you paint it. This is because it’s empty and has nothing to catch your gaze or interest you. If your home was a store, shoppers won’t be interested in making a purchase because there’s nothing in your establishment that compels them to do so.

 But with modern art, particularly paintings, you can breathe life into any wall in your house.

 Here are some DOs and DON’Ts of using wall decorations at home.



  1. Hang Jewish wall art in every room in your house. Yes, especially the dining area and bathroom.
  2. Instead of nails or screws, use hooks specifically for hanging paintings or frames. These nifty tools can take a large amount of weight, some up to 100 pounds. For heavier paintings, be sure to use two hooks per frame to keep them balanced and in place.
  3. Plan a modern Jewish art wall in advance. Before installing the hooks on your wall, lay out all the paintings you want to hang to play around with the arrangement. This allows you to find one that truly suits your taste.
  4. The wall isn’t the only place for modern artwork. You can place a frame on top of a console today and have it lean against a wall. Or you can place them on the shelves. It’s stylish and easy to do since you don’t need to install any hook.



  1. Hang the artwork too high. If you’re hanging several paintings on one wall, make sure they are at eye level.
  2. Hang a tiny Jewish wall artwork on a big wall. If you want, you can hang it against a large mat to emphasize it.
  3. Hang several pieces too far apart from each other. There should be more or less two inches on either side and above and below each artwork.
  4. Hang all large frames in one area and the smaller ones in another. Create a seamless look for your art wall by mixing things around until you feel satisfied with the look.
  5. Mix different themed paintings on one wall. This is especially if true if you’re Jewish and you’re trying to create a commemorative wall with several pieces, like paintings of Jewish life and holy sites.


Make the most of your wall art collection by following these tips mentioned above. By doing so, not only will you be able to create an awe-inspiring art wall but will also help everyone remember the Jewish people’s history.