5 most extraordinary Sukkahs around the world

Don't you just love Sukkot? It is such an important and special holiday that unites Jewish people all over the world and encourages them to leave their comfortable home for seven days and explore an amazing and spiritual experience. We all want our Sukkah to be both nice and comfortable as possible for us to hang out there, and also to enjoy some spiritual vibes as we spend time there. Different Sukkah decorations, posters, Jewish wall art, and other decorative pieces are vital for a Sukkah to be both meaningful and spiritual. But what if you have such conditions that do not allow you to get all the décor you want? As we keep the Mitzvah of a compilation of the Sukkah, let's take a look at some creative and extraordinary Sukkah's from the world that didn't have all the décor and art possibilities like we do…

1.Sukkot on the water- Venice, Italy
As you may celebrate Sukkot in a Sukkah you have built and decorated in your yard, Chabad in Venice decided to do something else. They have taken a boat and built a simple Sukkah with their sign on it. There's a special bond between Sukkot and redemption, which is described with the quote, " And the whole earth was filled with the knowledge of the Lord as water to the sea". So it is quite symbolic that Chabad of Venice decided to build such a creative Sukkah on a boat that floats on the water. So original and extraordinary!


Sukkot on the water- Venice, Italy. sukkah decoration by  BenAriArtGallery.com                             Photo credit: Pay No Mind/ Flickr) 

2. Sukkah on the bike
Can you imagine a Jewish holiday on a tricycle? Apparently, some Brooklyn creative Jews can!
Holidays can be celebrated everywhere and you don't have to be limited by location or place, and that's what American Jews have proven to us.
They have made a modest Sukkah on a tricycle!
You know, you can too, grab a bike, build a small Sukkah on it and decorate it according to your taste and even get more creative with decorations, and include, for example, holiday symbols, Jewish paintings, posters of Rabbis or any other Jewish art that you like.
The tricycle Sukkah got famous quickly, and this habit has spread to other states in America too. How inspiring! 

Sukkah on the bike. sukkah decorations by  BenAriArtGallery.com

3. The sukkah of bravery
Are you afraid of heights? If not, a high Sukkah, connected to your window from the outside of the building can be quite extraordinary and for sure require some bravery. An unknown person has decided to build his Sukkah out of his window and attached it to the building from the outside as if it were a balcony.
It was made from wood and sincerely looks quite poor regarding any decorations, probably because it takes extra courage to decorate a Sukkah like that. But hey! It is very unique, perhaps even too much.

The sukkah of bravery. sukkah decorations by  BenAriArtGallery.com

4. Sukkot on the top of the world
How far will the Jewish people go? Or better ask, how high will they climb?
We are artists, engineers, innovators and yes we are extreme climbers too.
Mountain false peak is half of the size of mountain Everest. Jewish extreme sports lovers, get there too and that is why Chabad emissaries decided to build a Sukkah there, right on the top of that mountain! They have made it of fabric so it will be possible to fold it anytime when the weather is not proper. Creative? Extraordinary? Totally.

 Sukkot on the top of the world, sukkah decorations by  BenAriArtGallery.com

5. Sukkah on the wheels
What would you say if you knew that your Sukkah can travel and bring a lot of joy to people who do not live near you?
That was the idea of the New Yorkers that created the Sukkah mobile truck.
Their mobile Sukkah was created in a truck, and it was written there with big letters "Sukkah Mobile" so everyone will know and will able to join this special traveling experience and celebrate Sukkot in an unforgettable way.
The truck traveled around New York and made a lot of people very happy!

Sukkah on the wheels. sukkah decorations by  BenAriArtGallery.com

Which one inspires you the most?