4 Professional Tips on Choosing Art for Your Home

People spend lots of money on expensive wall art because they make any boring room look elegant, inviting, cool, fun, exciting, and interesting to say the least. In short, paintings and other artwork are like stylish and sophisticated icing on a cake.

Things to consider

Generally, wall art improves a room’s aesthetics. It adds personality to any space. This is why it’s important that you take the time to choose the perfect work of art for your home.


  1. Find something that you really love.

When you see a painting that fosters feelings of excitement, enjoyment, or relaxation, then it’s one you should consider buying. The saying, “A picture paints a thousand words” holds very true. An artwork should provoke a certain kind of emotion for it to be interesting. And you should be spending your money on a piece of painting that you will enjoy looking at for the years to come.


  1. Choose paintings by size.

You can start with a larger piece and work your way down to smaller artworks. Your art wall will definitely be a great conversation starter when you pull together coordinating pieces that make any wall come to life.

 If you’re planning to place a painting over your sofa, it should not be more than two-thirds of your furniture. You can also group smaller pieces from the same artist or within the same colorway together. When choosing wall art for a smaller room, like your study area or bathroom, it’s best to choose smaller-sized frames, like 25 to 70 centimeters long.


  1. Select artworks by style.

Choose paintings that match the style of the room where you will place them. The wall arts should also complement furnishings in the room for a cohesive look. For example, if your home has more of a modern contemporary style, then you should look for paintings with this theme in mind. You can also use frames to emphasize the style that you are going for.


  1. Pick wall arts based on an inspiration piece.

Selecting paintings around a theme or an inspiration piece makes things easier for you. It could be a piece of art gifted by a friend, an important religious artifact, or a piece of furniture that you cherish so much. In short, when choosing art pieces, take inspiration from something that you want to highlight in a room.


Follow these tips to narrow down your choices easily. By doing so, you won’t be wasting time, energy, and especially money since you’ll be buying artworks that you really mean a lot to you.