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Netilat Lulav & Ushpizin Sukkot Fabric - Elegant Design

SKU: WallArt-5x10feet-003-A

$150 $250

Adorn your Sukkah with a fabric that captures the essence of Sukkot. This beautifully designed tapestry features three central elements of the festival: the Seder Netilat Lulav prayer, the Seder Ushpizin, and the prayer recited upon entering the Sukkah, each framed within an elegant design that reflects tradition and spirituality.

Key Features:

  • Spiritual Significance: Celebrate the rituals with the left panel showcasing the Seder Netilat Lulav prayer, the right with the prayer for entering the Sukkah, and the central focus on the Seder Ushpizin.
  • Artistic Craftsmanship: The fabric presents a stunning visual narrative with each prayer intricately displayed, inviting reflection and celebration.
  • Quality Materials: Made in the USA, our fabric is waterproof and UV proof, designed for durability and long-lasting use.
  • Easy to Display: The 5ft x 10ft size, complete with metal grommets every 7 inches, ensures easy and secure hanging.
  • Vivid Imagery: High-quality printing techniques ensure that each detail is captured with clarity, creating a vibrant focal point in your Sukkah.

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This Sukkot, let our "Sukkot Prayer Fabric" be a centerpiece in your observance, bringing the prayers and traditions of the festival into your home with elegance and grace.

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