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Sukkah Poster, Vayikra 23 - Colorful Sukkot Decor, Jewish Art


Immerse yourself in the spirituality of Sukkot with our captivating Sukkah poster, showcasing a cherished pasuk from the Book of Vayikra, chapter 23. This beautifully designed piece combines the profound wisdom of Jewish scripture with a vibrant and colorful background, creating a meaningful and decorative element for your Sukkah. It's a perfect blend of tradition and artistic expression, designed to enrich your Sukkot celebration with a touch of elegance and sacredness.


  • Scriptural Inspiration: Draws directly from the Book of Vayikra, bringing the timeless teachings and atmosphere of Sukkot into your home.
  • Artistic and Colorful Design: Features a lively and colorful backdrop that complements the spiritual message, adding a joyful ambiance to your Sukkah decor.
  • High-Quality Print Options: Available in durable Vinyl, glossy Laminated, and premium RC Pearl Photo finishes to suit any Sukkah setting.

Variant Options:

  • Vinyl Poster: Ideal for outdoor display, offered in 20 X 28 inches or 24 X 36 inches, ensuring longevity and vibrance.
  • Laminated Poster: Water-resistant and durable, available in 18 X 24 inches, perfect for a lasting festive look.
  • RC Pearl Photo Poster: Offers a luminous finish on high-quality photo paper, available in 20 X 28 inches or 24 X 36 inches, for a striking visual effect.

Special Note on Our Commitment to Satisfaction: We understand the importance of quality and satisfaction, especially for items as significant as Sukkot decorations. While these seasonal, made-to-order posters do not offer returns, we ensure replacement for any damages upon arrival. Contact us within 30 days of delivery for support.

Celebrate the essence of Sukkot with our "Vayikra 23 Pasuk Poster," a harmonious blend of Jewish tradition and contemporary artistry. This poster is not just a decoration, but a celebration of faith, designed to inspire and uplift your festive spirit. Add this beautiful piece to your Sukkah and let the words of Torah fill your space with joy and reflection.

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